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Transform Your Home Into Your Dream Property

Start with residential excavation services in Lake Charles, LA

Owning your dream property doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Just hire Pro Rental Sales & Service, LLC to get your home improvement project started off right. We'll clear and excavate the project area, so you can accomplish your renovation goals in no time.

You can even rent excavation equipment from us to handle certain steps in your project yourself. Your options are endless when you work with our company. Call 337-309-9928 now for a free estimate on our residential excavation services and rental services in Lake Charles, LA.

Rent the equipment you need easily

Wondering what makes our local excavator rentals a better option than other companies? You'll appreciate how...

  • We give fast turnaround times for your rental to be available
  • We only have you fill out a minimal amount of paperwork
  • We feature top-notch John Deere equipment for our rentals
Your rental experience doesn't have to be complicated. Arrange for a local excavator rental with our company today.

How to tell you need excavation work for your project

If you're not an expert contractor, you may not know if your project requires residential excavation services or not. Typically, you should work with an excavation contractor on home improvement projects like...

  • Adding a pond or water feature to your yard
  • Installing a new driveway or culvert
  • Building an addition to your home
Pro Rental Sales & Service will make sure you're prepared for any project on your to-do list by taking care of your excavation needs.