Stop Parking in the Mud or Grass

Plan a gravel driveway installation in Lake Charles, LA

Has parking in the dirt left your car covered in mud? Are your tires leaving patches on your beautiful lawn? Pro Rental Sales & Service, LLC has a better solution to your parking problem.

We handle gravel driveway installation projects for residential clients in the Lake Charles, LA area. With a designated driveway, you won't have to tear up your yard just to park. Plus, gravel driveways are highly affordable and require very little maintenance. Discuss your gravel driveway installation project with our expert today.

Protect your driveway from flooding

Standing water can cause a real problem for your driveway if left unattended. That's why you'll want to get a driveway culvert installation. Culverts can...

  • Reduce the likelihood of erosion around your driveway
  • Prevent driveway damage from standing water
  • Keep the bottom of your car from sitting in pooling water
Don't leave your driveway vulnerable to flooding. Plan a driveway culvert installation project today.